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CMS-1500 Envirologger

CMS-1500 EnvirologgerA key component of the CMS-1500 Envirologger system is the web logger. This small but powerful system enables almost any mixture of sensors and monitors to be connected to the system.

The Web logger accepts both digital and analog inputs and is pre-programmed to communicate with a wide variety of environmental monitoring instruments and sensors. Up to 255 channels of data can be collected and each channel can have a different storage and average period from 1 minute to 60 minute intervals.

Read the CMS-1500 EnviroLogger M2M Environmental Data Management info guide.

Once data is read from the connected devices it is stored on an internal micro SD card and almost immediately 'pushed' to an internet data server where it is then 'pushed' again to the client and other CMS-1500 Envirologgerparties as required. The logger can also gather data from web cameras and traffic monitoring systems or form any sensors connected by wireless nodes so that data from a wide area around the logger can be collected without hard wiring.

The logger can maintain two simultaneous data connections allowing remote control and interrogation of the remote site and its individual monitors from any internet connected PC. As the system is powered by 12V DC power it is compatible with most renewable power sources allowing use even when mains power is not available. Its internal GPS (optional) also enables it to be used and tracked on the move.

Turnkey Solutions

Our systems are incredibly versatile being compatible with a wide range of environmental monitors and sensors, however if you have a specific requirement we would be happy to build a turnkey solution for your monitoring network. This includes building dedicated data servers for those clients who prefer to run their own rather than run on our hosted service.

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Zero Downtime

We have designed our system to provide near 100% reliability. Even if communications networks fail, the system will continue to log data and will store it until communications are restored.




  • 12V DC Operation
  • Solid state operating system
  • Real time clock (online atomic synchronized)
  • Internal internet modem (cellular, satellite, radio)
  • Connectivity
    • Analog (V or A), Ethernet, RS232/485, SDI12,
    • Pulse, USB or Radio inputs
  • Four solid state relays (configurable)
  • 255 channels each individually configurable
  • 2 GB Micro SD Memory
  • Battery back-up
  • In service, zero and calibration buttons and LED's
  • Modular expansion for additional inputs
  • Configurable alarms (status, concentration, etc)
  • SMS and e-mail alerts
  • Options

  • Optional radio inputs (requires radio nodes
  • Optional web camera inputs
  • Optional GPS